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Identity management in a Kiwi landscape

Join Vivin on this webinar, as he discusses best practices for New Zealand firms. On May 26, at 2pm he’ll cover two topics in a compact one hour session: 

1) Managing Hybrid Active Directory environments from a security standpoint. How do you best solve hybrid identity challenges? AD360 is a comprehensive, hybrid IAM and security tool that overcomes the routine challenges sysadmins face:
  • How to simplify user provisioning for on-prem and in the cloud.
  • Which reports and settings can help you manage licenses.
  • How password management can be setup to reduce help desk calls.
  • What is available to help you improve storage allocation and performance.
With AD360, just choose the components you need. Then start addressing IAM challenges across on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments from a single console.

2) Setting real-time alerts for suspicious Windows events. Learn how to set:
  • Analysing a user account lockout to understand the source.
  • Tracking Suspicious Server/PC logon activity.
  • Recovering from service account modifications that lead to application downtime.
  • Tracking inappropriate elevation of rights that take place at a User/Group/OU/Domain level.
  • Leveraging Machine learning to sense vicious deviations in user behavior
ManageEngine’s EventLog Analyzer is a log management tool that offers comprehensive event log monitoring. With EventLog Analyzer, simply add devices that need monitoring.


FREE Product Pulse Check

Pulse checks are an important way to understand how effectively you are using your ManageEngine solution. If you feel that;

1. You would like to know more about the product you own and the features it can deliver OR

2. Feel you are not fully utilising your solution to its full potential OR

3. Would like to ensure you’re solving your IT Challenges, meeting compliance and auditing effectively with ManageEngine THEN

Contact us now, for a free pulse check on your solution. We’ll book 30 minutes, to explore how you are deployed, what benefits you are gaining and what potential opportunities to still take advantage of. You’ll spend time with Kris – our Solution Delivery Manager across ManageEngine New Zealand, who’s also our in country senior product trainer. If you feel there’s more to achieve beyond 30 minutes, Kris can offer bespoke training / enablement plans for you and your team.


Vulnerability management now part of Desktop Central

Vulnerability management identifies vulnerabilities in IT assets, evaluates risks and takes appropriate action. You can now easily keep tabs on threats in your network. Manage and secure endpoints all from one interface. The vulnerability management add-on for Desktop Central is now available. Learn more here.

ManageEngine's also provided early access to the cloud version of Desktop Central, which lets organisations embrace unified endpoint management the SaaS way. Watch this space for more details.


8 VPN best practice tips to help businesses

Managing VPN connections has become more important than ever, as working remotely becomes our new normal. To maintain business continuity and effectively manage your VPN, follow these best practices below.


Expert Tech Talk podcast ft. the Monopoly Man

ManageEngine has launched their first ever Expert Tech Talk series. The first one features renowned privacy lawyer, Ian Madrigal. He discusses data privacy in the internet age (and often photobombs CEOs testifying in Congress, dressed as the Monopoly Man).

Ian has championed corporate accountability, consumer protection and data privacy in addition to various other initiatives. Ian is joined by IT security expert Sid, for this two-part podcast series. Listen to the podcasts below.

Manage remote employees’ time better

Struggling to keep track of employees working from home? It’s time to overcome the hurdle of monitoring employees’ productivity. ADAudit Plus offers accurate time tracking, by monitoring employees’ active and idle times. Learn more about time tracking for employees below.

ServiceDesk Plus - V1 Request APIs' end-of-life

From 31st July 2020, any upcoming releases will not have access to the V1 Request APIs. All client apps and integrations based on V1 will stop working, unless they are updated to use the latest V3 version of the Request APIs. It is strongly recommended all customers move to the new version of APIs, where operations are supported via the V3 APIs. Click below to view the full announcement.

Desktop Central and Mobile Device Manager Plus - file upload vulnerability

ManageEngine have advised about an arbitrary file upload vulnerability in Desktop Central and Mobile Device Manager Plus. Older builds had a vulnerability that allows malicious users to upload a specifically crafted ZIP file without proper validation, allowing them to potentially save files in any location.
These are the affected builds:
  • Builds below 100482 for Desktop Central and Desktop Central MSP.
  • Builds between 92343 and 92788 for Mobile Device Manager Plus and Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP.
To help fix this issue, it is recommended to upgrade to the latest build. If you have further questions, reach out via the contact details below:


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