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Are you ready to tackle cyber-attacks?

Do you know how to build a strong security operations centre (SOC)? Do you know how a SOC can spot, mitigate and triage security threats? Every 39 seconds someone gets hacked so it's not always a matter of if, but when, and how you respond makes a big difference. We have an e-book for you exploring the what, why, and how of an SOC.


Learn how Enterprise Service Management (ESM) lowers operating costs

With cost optimisation high on the agenda for organisations today, many executives are turning to new concepts to streamline their business. One popular concept is Enterprise Service Management (ESM) - the idea of applying IT Service Management (ITSM) concepts to other departments of an organisation, such as human resources, fleet and health & safety. Join our ManageEngine Sales Engineer - Kenny Cheung for this free NZ-based webinar on Wednesday July 29th at 11am.

Kenny will provide you a quick breakdown of ESM, the ITSM concepts it applies and how it would work in a real life example - all driven from ServiceDesk Plus.

Prevent password mismanagement by remote employees

Managing passwords can become a massive mission within your organisation, especially when employees are working remotely or you have a big team. Organisations can go into a downward spiral when it comes to mismanagement of passwords. There are ways to improve password management.

Learn preventive best practices from ManageEngine's experts and how it applies, even if you are working remotely from home.


Select the best VPN to maintain business continuity

Working remotely demands access to on-premise services and applications. A virtual private network (VPN) works as a conduit to bridge the gap. But choosing the right VPN without proper technical expertise can be a challenge. Especially with the huge amount of choices available in the market.

Learn how to choose the right VPN and protocols for your business. This will help maximise up-time of your business operations.

Optimise data security through USB encryption protocols

At least 90% of organisations feel vulnerable to insider threats via removable media. Data leaks can happen with any removable device like a USB, by just plugging it in. Data theft is that easy! With a comprehensive data leakage prevention solution, it allows you to block, control and monitor USB devices that access sensitive data.

Now is the time to fortify your network boundary, mitigate data disclosure and achieve compliance. Device Control offers a trust based capability to whitelist BitLocker-encrypted USB devices.

Mobile Device Manager Plus now integrates with Analytics Plus

Now you can integrate Analytics Plus with Mobile Device Manager Plus to obtain out-of-the-box analytics for all managed devices. Make better device management decisions, with custom dashboards. They are generated by combining multiple reports of your choice. Perform in-depth analysis and obtain granular insights by drilling down to specifics in your data. Arrive at collaborative decisions on key metrics with contextual commenting and numerous other sharing options. Learn more below.


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