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New solution: FileAnalysis for storage insights!

Is this the answer to your data storage woes? Want the ability to quickly identify file security vulnerabilities, limit data growth and de-duplicate files? With the recently launched FileAnalysis, you have these abilities and more. You can audit, monitor, and receive alerts on all files being accessed. You can even keep track of file modifications made in your file server.

FileAnalysis is part of a unified data platform that provides file auditing, data leak prevention and data risk assessment. Learn more, and get a 30-day fully functional free trial below.

ADSelfService Plus - major update

The recent update to ADSelfService Plus provides secure access to workstations and applications with Conditional Access Policies. This update allows you to automate access control decisions, based on a user’s risk factors. It uses considers factors such as IP address, time of access, device type and geo-location to determine which self-service policy is assigned.

This update also enforces endpoint MFA, or restricts access to self-service features for high-risk users, based on conditional policies set by you. Thus improving the security posture, without affecting user experience.

How to fight insider threats, and prevent data loss

Your data's security and visibility is an on-going concern. Join Soft Solutions' Kris S (Solutions Delivery Manager), as he explains a 2-pronged solution - ManageEngine's DataSecurity Plus on 27th August at 3pm. This package fights insider threats, prevents data loss and helps meet compliance requirements. In this 30-minute webinar, you'll learn the benefits of: file server audits, data leak prevention, and data risk assessments.

In the first half Kris explores Data Security. The solution monitors your files' integrity, combats ransomware, and notifies you of file changes. In the second half, Kris details Data Visibility. See how the solution audits files, discovers and classifies data, and analyses permissions.


Learn how Enterprise Service Management (ESM) lowers operating costs

Our ManageEngine Sales Engineer - Kenny Cheung recently ran a NZ-based webinar on how to lower such costs. Kenny gives a quick breakdown of ESM, the ITSM concepts it applies to, and how it would work in a real life example - all driven from ServiceDesk Plus. It's available to view now.

Fortify your Office 365 environments

Looking for a complete Microsoft 365 security solution that provides granular auditing, 24x7 monitoring, real-time alerts, help desk delegation and advanced content search? ManageEngine has launched a stellar Office 365 security solution. 

M365 Security Plus can secure and protect Microsoft 365. It provides a range of features like SharePoint online auditing, virtual tenants, bulk mailbox management, Microsoft Teams monitoring and more. A 30-day trial is available that allows you to secure unlimited users, with 3 help desk technicians and 1 super admin. After 30 days, the trial license automatically converts to the free edition, which allows auditing, monitoring, alerts and content search for 25 users (or mailboxes).


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